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『受けつがれる世界 Totem Pole at Haida Gwaii』 "A World(Heritage) Handed Down" - Totem Pole at Haida Gwaii

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食料と道具をシーカヤックに詰めこんで、トーテムポールや人の手があまり入っていない自然を求めて、ハイダ・グワイの島を転々としながら移動した2週間の旅。その時に撮影したトーテムポールの写真をまとめたZINEになります。製本が蛇腹式になっており、本を広げて飾って楽しむこともできます。 35 copies limited edition handmade book 手製本 B5 size 182×257mm Photographs 19pieces,40pages Published on 21 December 2018 I went on a two-week kayaking trip. Packed food and outdoor gear into a sea kayak. I went hopping from the island at Haida Gwaii in search of totem pole and saw the untouched nature. This book summarizes the totem pole photos I took at that time. The book was made in such a way that you can open the pages to enjoy looking at my photo work.

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