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国内 : 送料無料
海外 : 各商品ページに記載

The sales price includes the tax. If you live outside Japan, you need to pay the shipping fee. Please check the product details page on shipping fee.

Japan : shipping fee is free
outside of Japan : display on each product page



【If you live outside Japan】
If you live outside Japan, I only accept credit card or paypal payment.

・コンビニ決済、銀行振込み 商品注文時点から約3日間の期限以内にお支払いをお願いいたします。支払い期限を過ぎると自動でキャンセルとなります。

<Return Policy>


Once you receive the product, please check the contents right away. In the unlikely event that the product is defective or damaged, please let me know by email within 7 days after receiving the product.



We will ship your order within 7 days after receiving your order and payment. I will notify you by email once your order has been shipped as delivery dates varies per region.



[Shipping the photos]                                                            
I take into consideration the environment when shipping the photos therefore I use reusable packing materials. I decided to do this as I felt the effects of the global warming when I traveled through the wilderness of Alaska and Canada. This is a small action on my part. Thank you for understanding.


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